Sarah (scarysarey) wrote in must_be_dave,

hi i have a bunch of stuff for sale and probably other stuff not listed so if you're looking for something in particular i'll see what i can do.

Autographed Paraphenalia
-Advocate magazine with Gale Harold on the cover signed by all Queer As Folk cast members
-1989 New Kids On The Block Locker mirror autographed by Joey McIntire who also wrote "you look soo good" on it
-The Moffatts signed poster from Submo time
-The Moffatts signed Juno promo poster (rare)
-The Moffatts signed Submo tour postcard thing
-self titled country album, its a wonderful world, chapt 1 us and cdn versions, submo autographed cd covers.
-Willa Ford autographed post card
-Bif naked signed magazine article
-soulDecision signed photographs and posters
-Aaron Carter signed poster
-LFO signed posters
-Britney Spears signed scrap paper(plus photo of her signing it)
-Wide Mouth Mason signed postcards
-Serial Joe signed set list from 1999
-Hanson Underneath cd/dvd signed cd cover
-Hanson Underneath acoustic signed
-Rooney signed poster
-John Mayer signed paper (plus photo of him signing it)
-Clint Moffatt MMVA 99 signed photo
-Scott Moffatt MMVA 99 signed photo
-Scott Moffatt 1998 signed photo
-Scott Moffatt Ottawa Ex 99 signed pic
-Gob signed sticker
-soulDecision signed pix 99
-Aaron Carter autographed Aaron's party sampler
-M2M signed post card/sticker
-Hanson autographed This Time Around cover
-Lifehouse autographed paper
-ID autographs
-Otown signed lipstick ad, lol
-Bob Moffatt signature drumstick with autograph
-Wave signed album
-ID signed album
-Scott Moffatt handwritten Boston Post set list

Other Shit
-concert photographs:
The Moffatts
The Boston Post
Aaron Carter
Britney Spears
Maroon 5
John Mayer, etc
-Good Quality 1999 Moffatt concert bootlegs with unreleased songs: All the Love, etc.
-Boston Post concert footage from various shows, interviews etc.
-The Moffatts setlists 99-2001
-the Calling setlist 2001
-Aaron Carter 2001 setlist
-The Moffatts singles some rare ( California, walking behind)
-Hanson guitar picks
-The Moffatts guitar picks
-Hanson, Moffatt (pretty much any appearance from 1997-2001)
-Moffatt country days footage various videos, performances, even a concert
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