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Must Be Dave's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Must Be Dave

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newbie [20 Jan 2007|03:25pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

hey im new here, Im not a dave,i dont really tink ive ever met a girl named dave?? whoah off topic! but this video will explain why i came here, My friends Dubed me Dave from this video, and ever since, Ive been inlove with Dave!!!
watch and love
go here



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Awesome [10 Mar 2005|07:57pm]

Right then, this is officially the coolest community ever. I put "being dave" as one of my interests, as I enjoy being dave, and for a laugh clicked it to see if anyone else had that as their interest... 2 people (myself included) and this community. Brilliant.

I'm almost speechless.
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[16 Aug 2004|12:06am]

dude... dave is the best name ever...

I know apprx. 24 guys named dave/david and i dunno but the name entertains me so much, all the daves i know are the coolest people ever. I was screwing around with the interests search and i found this community. I really want to get a goldfish and name it dave... and when i have kids some day, im gonna name one or two of them dave. aahaha. my dad has an imaginary horse named dave ..oh man, i love the name dave way too much. well, the end. bye.
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[19 Jun 2004|12:37am]

hi i have a bunch of stuff for sale and probably other stuff not listed so if you're looking for something in particular i'll see what i can do.
so as not to further annoyCollapse )
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used to be a huge moffatt fan [12 Apr 2004|12:48pm]

hey..my name is mandy and i'm from nova scotia canada...i have a ton of moffatt stuff including 4 signed posters, a whole bunch of pictures and keepsakes...i have a really nice pic of scott that i took of him in 1999 when i met them. i got a couple books...i have one of their old country cd's...i probably got more...if anyone is interested in buying this stuff...let me know and we'll talk price.

have a good day...

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Dave Moffatt Bang Bang Boom vest for sale... [06 Mar 2004|11:46pm]

Yeah thats right. Dave has put the vest he wore in the Bang Bang Boom video and other appearances and concerts in 2000, up for sale on eBay. It comes with a signed letter of Authenticity and if the bid goes over a certain amount he'll send an autographed 8 x 10 modelling photo too.

this is the site
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[23 Dec 2003|09:36pm]

So Dave Moffatt works at Guess at The Bay Center in Victoria, BC, Canada. My friend Heather told me and I didn't believe her so next time I was in there my friend asked if Dave Moffatt worked there and she hung her head and shook it saying, "Yes... he does..." and we left. Today I went in to Guess and there he was. I pretended to look at sweaters and he came over and said, "Can I help you with anything?" I said I was just browsing. There were people whispering and coming out going, "It's him... it's definitely him..."

So if you want to have Dave Moffatt get you another size or find you that other colour, come to Victoria.
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hee! [02 Aug 2003|10:50am]

[ mood | dave-like ]

I'm not a David but I am in love with one. Does that count?

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Thanks for Asking [27 Jun 2003|05:16pm]

David means "Beloved" in Hebrew. I'm not Jewish, but I am SuperDave.
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Davey. [04 May 2003|11:47am]

[ mood | bored ]

I forgot to ever post in here after joining/being added/whatever it was that happened... Who knows if anyone is even still around now. Har. My full name is David Jude Law, though I grew up being called Jude, and it just stuck. But I'll always be a David. ;)

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[10 Mar 2003|03:56pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I'm not the sexiest Dave... (mmm Dave Letterman).. but I'm a Dave no less. phased dave

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[08 Dec 2002|07:21pm]

Daves of the world, we must unite. Virgin Radio has done Jonny Lee Miller a grave injustice. We are to go against them with power ballads and the force that is being David. Who's with me?
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[14 Aug 2002|12:28pm]

Did anyone else ever have to go by "David" and then your last initial because there were other Davids in your class? I hated that.
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[08 Aug 2002|10:56pm]
[ mood | tired ]

you're all dave. i added you. i can't be here because it speaks poorly of me.

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[15 Jul 2002|12:21am]

[ mood | silly ]

Well, second to post. I am David Jean Paul Ryder-Prangley from Rachel Stamp.. I have a long ponce-like name but 'David' just makes it all better...

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[13 Jul 2002|03:58pm]

Am I the first one to post in here? I think I am. Whoever thought this community up is brilliant. Anyway, yeah, hello, my name is Dave Rowntree, and I'm the drummer of Blur.
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